Hi! My name is Colton Taipale, and I’m the founder behind “The Baker’s Life”.

You might have heard of me through my second brand - JoyfullyDeveloped.com. When I'm not working on baking related stuff, I'm probably building a website for a client.

When I started "The Baker's Life", I couldn't have even imagined finding as many people as I have that are interested in the content I produce. I started this company just a few years ago as a small blog in 2018, and amazingly, over 10,000+ people have chosen to follow me.

I must say a huge thank you to you all for being apart of this journey!

Throughout my entire life, I grew up in business. My parents run their own company, and I naturally found a desire in running my own.

Alongside this however, I’ve also always had a passion for baking, as well as a big desire for helping others. This is another interest I got from my mom - who is the one who got me started in the kitchen.

Why do I love baking though? Probably the primary reason, would be the science behind it. But another primary reason would mainly come down to the great opportunity it provides families to connect, one another to learn new skills, and a great way to disconnect from the electronics.

For me, it's also a great peaceful activity, that helps me get away from the stresses of life, and sort of zone out. However, I understand that some people can struggle with baking and feel stressed by it.

That's where “The Baker’s Life” comes in. The goal with “The Baker’s Life” is to provide you with free quality blog posts, and baking tips, to help you grow as a home baker and to provide you with the tools and resources to grow as one.

That's just a brief bit about who I am, and my mission with "The Baker's Life". I hope the resources and tools I offer can be of value to you. That said, I can't always hit every single question on a website like this, so if you have any questions I don't cover here, feel free to send me an email at - colton@thebakerslife.com, and I'll do my best to get back to you as quick as possible.