If you know me, you know how I have a huge love for oatmeal. Although I also have a huge love for chocolate and cherry together. That's why this recipe has got to be one of my most favorite oatmeal recipes I've made by far. What's also neat about oatmeal, is how quick and easy it is to make, on top of being good for you!

Without further ado, here's the recipe...



    • 1/3 Cup Oats
    • A little less than 2/3  Cup Water (just enough to cover the oats)
    • Frozen Cherries and Blueberries*
    • Chocolate Chips*
    • Dried Sweetened Coconut*
    • Crushed Graham Crackers* (And yes, as odd as it may sound, the graham-crackers really do work! Trust me, you should totally try it!)

    *Don't worry about measurements for the toppings. Everyone has different taste. The great thing about oatmeal is that you don't have to be precise about measuring!


      Cover the oats with the water in a small microwavable bowl, then cook for 1-2 minutes, until most of the water has evaporated. After cooking the oats, top with the frozen fruit, chocolate, coconut, and crushed graham-crackers.


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